Am I being heard? Do my experiences, thoughts and feelings even matter to the law?

Tired of being blown off.  Tired of being told I’m blowing it out of proportion. “it’s not that serious. ” why did it take you so long to leave?” I’m tired of the willful ignorance there exists towards domestic violence. 

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I know how you feel. I just fought my 3rd dv. The judge treated me like I was the offender. The laws for dv are not strict enough. Stay strong and don’t give up the fight. Please I know it’s a struggle to keep fighting but in the end it’s worth it. Love and prayers

Answered on June 5, 2018.
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We are not imagining discrimination against our cases. I was charged with several violent offenses after calling police to report abuse. Later I got a hold of the 911 tape where the dispatcher contacted the officer to go to the scene. The officer said upon hearing it was for a domestic “well they will just have to take it up some other time, not on a busy Friday night”. Upon arriving, they refused to take my report, and treated me terribly. I complained to the department, and they cleared themselves of any wrongdoing.

Answered on June 19, 2018.
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