Are you ready to leave the abuse behind you for good?

Long story short,

1) Be ready and willing to walk away for good from the abusive situation. Don’t leave the kids behind, because those kids WILL BE ABUSED AS WELL.

2) Get the Restraining Order in place. Even if your name is on the lease, start looking for a Safehouse or a Safe Housing situation. In my experience, the landlord who offered to rent under section 8 was a pedophile that preyed on single mothers as well as the illegals to get to the children. How? He acted like he wanted to help. Be careful. And stay guarded. Staying away from the Abusive Situation means staying away from the Street Drug World. This is no joke.

3) Get therapy!!! PTSD and Depression will be a real issue after leaving the Abusive Situation. 5 years later and I am still in therapy. Keep at it! Especially if you have kids! They will need you more than ever. 

4) Find Support Groups! 

5) Keep on doing what’s right for yourself and the kids! If you don’t have kids? Don’t have any because contrary to rumor, it isn’t easier. DO NOT EVER TAKE THE ABUSER BACK!!!! Court Ordered Domestic Violence classes  really ARE NOT helpful. A Leopard is not going to change his spots for ANYBODY. Years later, I still have 2 abusers trying to be “friends”. That’s not including my ex husband who is in prison for life for molesting his latest youngest daughter of 3 yrs old. Or the one who was shot and killed on the streets. 

I wish you the best of luck and whatever you do, stay safe. 

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