Can someone else relate?

I’m Ashley, I’m new to this sight just happened to stumble upon it thank God I did because I’ve been feeling so alone , my story of abuse has yet to end since 2013 , myself and my daughter were both abused me physically , by a narrcissitic abuse who is most likely a psychopath , my daughter mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, she was five at the time , since then he has not stopped stalking me on or off social media , and abusing me every way possible from legally, ambiently, and financially aswell even had my daughter taken from me to try and keep me silent and I refuse to be silent about it, he’s been trying to make me out to be crazy amongst other things aswell, also he is affiliated with the police so going to them didn’t help me as well as it should , this is so hard thank yawl for sharing your stories I don’t feel as alone , I’m still fighting , still speaking out against this while going to a psychiatrist and through trauma counceling an abusers goal is to continue to keep you silent inorder to maintain that control over us and I refuse I just want to say thank yawl for sharing yawls stories and being so brave it has inspired me to continue to tell mine and has given me hope when all seemed and felt hopeless , stay strong , god is for you and nobody can be against you and I case noone has told you today I believe in you and you are beautiful !

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