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when I was 14 I met the Boy Next Door with quickly fell in “love” everything was good for 6 months until we had sex. It seems like the next day he switched and became very abusive. For two years I had to hide bruises Cuts scrapes and I think a broken bone. When I was 17 he raped me, as a result I became pregnant. I loved her I wanted to keep her, but one day he beat me to the ground and I remember holding my stomach letting him kick me in the back and the legs and stomp on me. That wasn’t enough because I gave birth to her stillborn as a result of that beating she died. I finally I figured a way out of the relationship 6 months later, but it didn’t stop there because he stalk me. I Found Love real love and the day I got married he was across the street watching me come out the church, to keep me safe my husband moved me 1500 miles away. I can’t even go by my real name on Facebook or Instagram. It’s sad but true now I’m in the process of writing a book about it just so I can help one person. Yes I live with PTSD my scars my battle wounds and most importantly the love of my life who showed me not all men are the same. Much love to all

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