I would like to share my story with you all. 

Just because he never hit me I still suffered from.my evil ex 

I could not believe how how a human being who said he loved me be so cruel .My ex new I was abused as a child. The words stabbed me in the heart 

Wish you would get tightened up then.be like shagging a 5yr old 

I cant wait to fly my drone and watch little girls tits bounce up and down

Did you tell your doctor I tried to split you in two 

Those words diagnosed me with ptsd 

.. I have been out abusive relationship over 3yrs now and getting stronger 

Sorry if I triggered you just needed to share 

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I was abused as a child. I feel that’s why we are vulnerable to evil people, because of what we experienced and hoping one day we would find someone accepting us and our “flaws”. I’m now 57. It took 12 years to get back on track. I’m not perfect, as I still experience PTSD. My battle wounds are from within and I experience horrible headaches from my concussions on top of the areas he broke. Looking at me, you wouldnt imagine what hell I lived through, but it is my faith that helps me, and healed me. I hope one day you will be ok. I hope you will be a strong and positive mentor to those that need help. Just remember, for every negative action, there is a positive side. Not everyone is bad, there are sickos, we just have to know the warning signs and move away from those negative individuals. Take care. ❤

Answered on July 12, 2018.
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