Has anyone wondered about a happy ending to a nightmare?

At 41, single mom for 18 years, I met who I believed was a gentle loving soul. He was very tentative, and always showered me with affection. Slowly I noticed the change over time. I couldnt get rid of him. Then the rape. During his trial, the DA had me go in for a physical.  The doctor said, I have good news, and bad news. In my head I thought how much worse can I hear? I said, what’s the bad news? He looked deep in my eyes. He must have noticed the emptiness. He then said..CONGRATULATIONS you’re pregnant! My 1st thought, I CANT be pregnant. I cant have another child especially from this man. I’m going to have to abort it. Now  I dont know if my doctor read my mind, but he pulled his chair next to mine and placed his arm around me and said, the bad news is you have cervical cancer. Now, most would just give up. Immediately I begged for forgiveness in my mind and apologized for my thoughts. I asked God to give me strength. I gave him my ex a chance.  There wasn’t a day I didnt regret my decision,  but by then he took over all the finances and moved us away from family and friends, especially from local law enforcement. We lived in a very rural and secluded area with 1 vehicle only. Long story short, he beat me one day so bad he left me for dead. Charges were pressed, and he gained 2 felony strikes. Still going through cancer treatment I pulled enough fight to go against him. It’s funny how one never does background checks. I discovered his history of violence. Theres so much, but Through my faith, and the grace of God, doors of opportunity opened. I may never be the same, but NO MAN will ever lay another hand on me. My youngest is now 16. We have been blessed with a very good

Has anyone wondered about a happy ending to a nightmare?

man.  Our lives have been blessed. My ex? He did time. 6yrs. No married. Court stripped him of ALL his rights as he had a record of CHILD ABUSE. 

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