Here’s my story – You can rape my body but you will never win.

You can rape my body and it may bleed over into a piece of my soul and your fist may physically leave me a reminder of the lesson; but, YOU? You will never darken my presence, dim my shine, or occupy my existence. I will still dream, I will come back a mightier warrior, I will dance recklessly in the moonlight; yet, I WILL LIVE! YOU? You will leak your poisonous weakness and need for control through your pores and drown in your inferior cowardice. Your existence will be forgotten and your heritage will be stagnant. Someday, you will remember-and I hope you start praying over your own two daughters. I already have. See, I don’t hate you. I hate I believed in you. I hate your inner ugly.  I hate the anonymity I’ve given you out of compassion for the people in your life. But, I’m stronger and more concerned for my own family and what I’ve put them through to give you another thought.

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