Here’s my story

My story began in  2016

He was so nice and sweet on our first date..

Then we officially started dating…..

He started to control what I ate and if I ate something he hated or didn’t eat then he forced me to brush my teeth 30+ times 

He tried to burn me with hot water when I was  in the shower and he just stood there laughing at me 

He wouldn’t let me have my phone he wouldn’t let me call my family or my friends 

I got accused of cheating on the daily 

He called me every name in the book 

He expected me to do everything even if I was sick 

The last straw  was when he had me on the floor at my apartment he was strangling me and told me he would kill me and my family if I ever tried leaving me 

Going to get help getting my order of protection they served him papers and he had the choice to show up at court and the doors open and he is there in the back staring right at me and the lady who helped me comes and I’m freaking out  my heart is pounding thru my chest ptsd and anxiety going thru the roof but he agrees to the order and I leave without having to worry about anything 

Now I am with the most amazing man who knows how to treat a lady and he takes care of me 

If you are in an abusive relationship and you want out get help get away from him you deserve so much more than being abused on a daily you are loved you are worthy you are beautiful 

This was my story…


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