How does your love and only guy you been with change?

When I met him. I was only seventeen. Got married at eighteen. First guy I fell in love with. But when we got married he changed. Got married in April and he hit me in July. Then when my son was four months old he beat me up and rape me. I stayed in the marriage because of my son. But then why did I stay so long after my son now is 34. This past November. Would have be married 35 years in April. He hit me with a hammer and a crowbar. That’s when I said I  can’t take this anymore and walked away with only the clothes on my back. I left everything. I’ve been running ever since. Because he always finds me somehow. Now I am six hours away. I hope I am SAFE. So scared to file for a divorce. I could write a book. All I know is that when someone hits you. Don’t take it. Leave at once. Because it has ruined my life. Thanks 

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