I called it love…..

Why?… Why didn’t I see what everyone who loved me saw? My family kept telling me that he didn’t love me, but I wouldn’t hear it. He loved me….I’d never been loved like that. He wasn’t controlling he just wanted to spend his time with me and me with him. We didn’t need anyone else….no friends, didn’t need my family around but his was just fine. Why didn’t I see what the hell he was doing? He was isolating me from MY family and I let him!!! But remember I’d never been loved that way….what a crock of shit!!! He gave me 2 black eyes, broke my jaw so bad that I now have 3 plates and 18 screws holding it together, he pointed loaded guns at me, he told me numerous times that if it wasn’t for our daughter I would be dead, he was going to cut my head off, he was going to step on my neck in 2″ of water and watch me drown all the while shooting me full of meth so that I would fight dying. He put box cutter to my face and tried to cut my face all up so that I wouldn’t be beautiful anymore. He called me a cunt, a bitch, a whore, a liar, worthless slut. He told anyone who would listen that I was cheating and lying about it. He has told me over and over that if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have anything. I’m manipulative and I just love playing the victim, I love having everyone feeling sorry for me, and now that I’m finally speaking out I’m lying and trying to make him out to be a bad person, and he is NOT a bad person, any woman would be lucky to have him. He’s been cheating on me for 2 years and I didn’t even know…I trusted him!!! Why? Because I had never been loved like that……Well now she can be loved like that…….Why would I say that? Because she looked me in the face and said…..He would never do that to me…..I said the same thing so good luck with that.


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I myself when through the exact same thing although my story has a great twist a believe I’d wish you could have done what I did.. my boyfriend, man or whatever the hell he was controlling me, insulting me, isolated me completely from my family had us move out of state where I was originally from than beat me up and just gave me a bad time most days and it was like a repetition every 3-4days we would argue and he would hit me until just this last week when I got tired of him after we moved in with some family friends of his and that’s when I decide it was time to let go! Enough was enough. I’m 18 and he is 20 and well I guess because I was pregnant my emotions were crazy but now since I had her on the 25th of May this year I got stronger and had to do what was best for both of us.

Answered on June 20, 2018.
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