I can make him change I know I can

Let me help you … Let me get you somewhere safe !? Is what I remember saying to my coworker with a black eye as she sat on the curb with me waiting for or rides she argued like a well skilled lawyer defending her client ..but It’s really my fault she’d say … We were both drunk . As I heard a car pull up I could see her physically give a sigh of relief I turned around to find my own trouble arriving … I tell her to wait here and I meet Him and my brother in the parking lot … I explain the situation and even though I knew I’d pay for it later I askedy brother not him if we could stick around till the co workers ol Man shows up.. yup He is pissed I’m going to hear about it later .. I didn’t care I had some one to SAVE …another 10 minutes go by before another car pulls in it’s not the co workers ol Man but a sports car full of young woman ..ahh yup I see it in his eyes he’s going to put the flirt on heavy … The co worker see this too …. Babe she says you are better than him you deserve a really good guy not someone like him.. as I fight back saying pot calling the kettle black aren’t we ? She takes a sharp breath her ride showed up …. She hugged me and drove away.. My brother insist I get in the car reminds me that we were taking a road trip in the am ….. But instead of heading straight home which is where I wanted to go I found myself the very unwilling participate of a game of cat n mouse between Him my brother and the girls by racing the cars I got scared shitless when as we are in mid spin of a 360 and I can hear Him yell betcha wish we would have least right of way hu ? Like a bolt of lightning I knew I was in real trouble I know I have become the person I sore I’d never be a victim… It took a yr and a half longer for me to have enough . It took me being hit stuck with tacks lit of fire to say I need help it took him sodomizing me repeatedly to leave the house it took him robing me of my first child to stay away …. And it took someone bending over backwards to prove to me that I am amazing and beautiful to say goodbye for good !

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