I didn’t think that my experience was domestic violence because he never actually hit me.

There is too much that happened in the 9 years he has been in my life. We have two girls. We got married. We lived with my parents and my brother…my girls and I still do. His words and actions still influence my every day. Fear controls my life. He was gone for a whole year and he’s back in the same county as us about to go to jail or prison. I want to get divorced and get sole custody (officially) like I have always had but I’m afraid that he will finally snap if I do it now that he is already in a low place. If I leave my family…will he kill them like he threatened? Will he come out murderous? Will he kill any man that takes his place? Us? How many times should I just consider it “all talk” before it isn’t?

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I plan to share my story though when I have an actual computer to type it all… I’m ready to share.

Answered on June 19, 2018.
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