I never new it was abuse

I have been cleaning out all my boxes and boxes of divorce papers this week. Well not all because I get horrible flashbacks and it upsets me to much.

I want to get rid of it because his false accusations shock me. It is clear I was going for the kill. Wanted to destroy me. Why I will never know?

He wanted me homeless penniless and bankrupt with our son. He told me that. He was the one who wanted to separate and I grabbed it with both hands.

He did everything to slow down the divorce. (Detail removed by moderator) he was so unreasonable. Cost me a fortune.

I am happy with new partner and actually fought him in divorce on the grounds of his reckless financial conduct and he hates me for that. I dared to question God on his awful behavior.

It’s (Detail removed by moderator) years since our divorce now and I still feel traumatized reading the divorce stuff and his nasty ridiculous accusations and demands for money I didn’t have.

Why does he still want to fight me and be nasty after all this time. He did really well in the divorce and he has spent most of it in gambling now. He doesn’t work.

I keep contact low and just for child by text. I won’t speak to him as he lies or becomes abusive. It’s been years since I spoke to him.

Yet I got a barrage of text the other day for no reason calling me pathetic and sad and how I just can’t get over him dumping Me!!!

I actually sometimes just want to ask why? Why DoD you hate me so much when all I did was help you slave for you bail you out and love yo

I realized this week there was nothing wrong with me but there was something wrong with you zxxx

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First off, I’m so happy you’re no longer in that relationship. I know it’s much later, but now that you’re done, aren’t you so glad it’s over? And you’ve found someone else to boot!

Of course, now it’s a matter of having to wait until your child turns 18. And no matter how old they are, any amount of time having to put up with him seems like too long.

Financial and emotional manipulation are awful enough on their own, and clearly he’s twisted. Remember that all this attention seeking behavior is his way of showing his insecurities.

It sounds like he is and was a very selfish person during and after the divorce. He is a taker, not a giver, and no matter how much you gave, it never would have been enough.

You are enough. You are loved. Your ex is feeling sorry for himself and wants to make you feel bad. Don’t play into it and try to focus on the things you love and the people that love you.

Answered on June 2, 2018.
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