I thought he was a great guy

When I was in my mid twenties I was introduced by a friend to a great guy in a bar. We had a lot in common, talked and laughed a lot. He then asked me out and again, we had a nice time. Well on our fourth date he got very drunk which I really hated,  and on the way home he said that when he first met me he thought I was a tramp because we met in a bar and his mama said that no respectable girl can be met at a bar. I didn’t say a word,  I  thanked him for a fine evening and vowed to never see him again. He apologized for his rude behavior but I was having none of it.  Ladies  quit accepting Abuse and stop trying to change these guys they are not worth it. I have been with my current boyfriend for 12 years. He is loving, not controlling, smart and caring.  I like my space and have plenty of money so no need to marry or live with him. I hope this helps.

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