Im still so afraid of him, he now has custody of our 3 children. I look unstable because he intimidated me I dropped restraining order. :(

I pressed charges,  they took pictures. He was never arrested.

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My hear goes out to you….my biggest fear was the he would get our daughter….it still is, but she’s with me today and that’s all that counts…today. Sister you need to gather your courage and your army of friends and family and fight!!! Fight for your kids… you fought for your life, now fight for the lives of your children.  Trust me I know the fear, I’ve been there. But I had to swallow my fear every time I had to go pick her up at his house, but I sure as hell wouldn’t let him have her. And yes these abusive assholes drive us to the point where WE snap and look totally insane, screaming, yelling, crying… they stand there all calm and cool. Been there, done that….but now I just swallow my tears, my frustration and my fear because my daughter mean more to me. So all I can say is get on your knees, pray, pray, pray….and then FIGHT!!!!. God bless you.

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My story is same.I filed for divorce(after 27 years of marriage) in May 2017. He told me if I left..had make my life hell.. Husband bruised me. Put pillow on my face . Split my lip. I filed DVI in July . The judge saw all evidence, I was questioned with witnesses in court. He was never questioned. She forced me to drop the DVI to a no contact order in Nov 17. In January 2018 husband took me to court, claiming I traumatized our 10 year old. I did NOT . Child has been coached. So a man that I left that was doing illegal drugs, beat me and was supporting a prostitute..has my kids. He is a medical professional…has manipulated system.. has a snake attorney..I did not. He was arrested in 96 for domestic violence against me as well. I have NEVER even had speeding ticket… nothing. The judge and opposing councel act very “friendly ” in court.. at times even laugh. I’m emotional financially drained.. No one can believe I dont have my kids. He led a double life…neglected our children… Attorneys have not helped me.. I’m desperate to get justice. The judge made the worst decision for my children. How do I have a judge questioned or held accountable. Any help ??? Thank you

Answered on June 25, 2018.
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