Is there hope?

Thank god I didn’t marry. I have two great girls, now 20 and 17. I got away from the men, the so called friends and spent every minute raising my girls alone. I had no family to help me and worked hard to get back on my feet. I am now 52, don’t even want a man, still get headaches, and still in counseling for over ten years now. My depression and anxiety is so bad I am now on disability. They ruined me, yes more than one man. I never found true love, I never married and trusting anyone is very hard. We are very strong woman and thank god we made it! I may die alone but with piece of mind. God bless you!

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i understand what you went through today i’m a very strong all because my daughter and my grandmother and my aunt who tought me that i didn’t have to allow him hurt me like he did i have four wounderful grandkids my daughter told her dad that don’t ever hurt my mom again when i told her everything she was mad still this day she won’t have anything to do with her dad

Answered on July 14, 2018.
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