Its been 4 yrs and still have new triggers i never knew about. When does it stop?

The constant worry of the threat “i’m gnna wait 2 yrs and then I’m gnna find you, Your mine”.  The hypervigalence is constant.

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Hi triggers will eventually stop when you least expect them to. I myself had been married to a verbally and emotional abuser. He was not a good person he belittled me, called me names, had me do all of what he said and controlled my entire life. He withheld money from me, food and sometimes even left me stranded without a vehicle. God helped me overcome those tremendously horrific times with my faith and hope of a better tomorrow. I had been married for only a short time but it was the worst time of my life. God freed me from that bondage and allowed me to see him for who he was a wrong mean and manipulative person. Things get better and healing happens it took me 2 years but healing will happen for you if you just seek it in prayer and supplication 🙂

Answered on June 21, 2018.
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Hi there, I’m so sorry you are feeling this way I can relate to what you are feeling. Triggers will definitely stop but when is the answer? One thing I learned from domestic violence was “mind manipulation”. Domestic violence is a vicious cycle and it can be very challenging to overcome obviously right!. One thing I didn’t want for myself was for ex to control me anymore and that also meant my mind/ thoughts. Even after my son’s father and I split he still had this hold on me I was still afraid he would stalk me, call me, text me, harass me, and he knew I was scared. So I prayed really really hard to God and decided i wasnt going to allow him to have control over my mind or my sense of peace anymore. He didnt deserve any of that! So I got a little brave let me tell you I was also terrified. I got advice and took the right legal action. Don’t allow him to have power over you. He doesn’t deserve it! I know its easier said then done but you can do it because you are so beautifully worth it 💜💜 Pray and put all your troubles and worries to God I promise he will give you the answers

Answered on June 23, 2018.
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