Just about clinging on to the edge

I left my sexually abusive husband with my 2 children (Detail removed by moderator) weeks ago and am living with my parents while he moves out of the house.

I’m doing ok in general but struggling massively with the idea of letting him see the children. Over these few weeks he has picked up both children one night a week from school down tea and I get them at (Detail removed by moderator)Then he has had one weekend day (Detail removed by moderator). Even this is too much for me and feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest and sliced into a thousand pieces. I have looked after these children almost every day of their lives, I have fed them, dressed them, soothed them and comforted them. He has never put them to bed, never got them up, never dressed them, never spent more than a few hours with them before this. He went away with work and didn’t ring to speak to them once. Now he wants them. He says alternate weekends is not enough and I am drowning in a panic that these children will have to spend so much time with this man who has hurt me so much. Nobody understands, only a few close people know and they just seem to have forgotten what has happened and can’t understand why I don’t want them to spend time with their dad. I get they need to see him and I get it is best for them to see him so why is this tearing me apart?? They have only mentioned him once since we left, neither asked for him at bedtime or asked when they will see him which makes me think the contact so far is enough?

His solicitor is emailing mine and I cannot face what is going to happen.

How do I cope? What do I do?

My counsellor and solicitor have both said I can go to the police with his behaviour and this could mean he would not see them unsupervised but for one what if they don’t believe me and for two how could I do that to this man who I’ve lived for so long and the father of my children?

Please please help me

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Honey you do it for yourself !! You do it because you are scared. You do it for your children. And mostly you do it because he has hurt you so bad.

The police usually listen. Especially when children are involved. You can get a family violence protection order and it would stop all contact and visitation for a period of time.

It’s hard and it’s scary but you are worth it and your children are worth it !!

I hope this helps even just a little bit.

Much love 💖💖

Answered on June 1, 2018.
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