Malignant narcissist abuse

What has been so difficult in a small town is that there are no support groups for women who have had active, professions and who others would never believe had experienced abuse.


I wrote this to describe violent narcissistic abuse:

The cave came to be when a subdural, cerebellar archanoid cyst developed during gestation. Gray matter was pushed aside leaving some useless convoluted bits pressing against the huge cyst just above his right ear. Cysts like these are usually filled with spinal fluid but, in his case, it’s empty, leaving a convoluted, funnel shaped cave in which dwells the beast, a hunger. Nestled in the depths of the cave, he accesses the reptilian brain where all sorts of mischievous, dormant ideas lie and can be brought forth and reanimated whenever the beast needs to feed. Venom is occasionally required when victims are non-compliant, are frustrating or troublesome. At times paralyzing them is needed. His empty eyes, behind delicate pale blue irises, terrify his target, creating an opportunity to strike. But, emerging from the cave presents its own problems. The feeding grounds do not exist within the confines of the skull. He risks discovery, but over the years he has become skilled at stealth. In darkness he slips into the other world where gluttony and lust can be indulged and fulfilled. Swallowing whole a meal; devouring a suffocated young Latina, his jaws unhinged, eyes cold, breathing slowed as her body inches agonizingly, joyfully slowly toward his gullet in peristaltic motion. Satiated, and thrilled, he returns home where he stays and practices sobbing, until the hunger rises again.
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