Michelle Pimienta & My Son

I met David when I was 25 years old; I’ll be 31 in October. We had a lot of mutual friends in common, and grew up in the same area of Miami. He was blonde hair, blue eyes, seemed like a family man, successful. I worked long hours at the time, was studying to complete my graduate studies. He was spontaneous like me, cycling through the alligator tracks, skydiving, paddle boarding, anything you could think of. He seemed to be everything I ever dreamt of. It wasn’t long before he asked me to move in together,about 6 months in to the relationship. But weeks before this happened, he attacked me for the first time. It was just a “simple” push then, punched and broke the stateroom mirror and called me a whore while on a cruise vacation. I remember leaving him and staying in my college roommates room that night; of course he apologized promised it would never happen again. Boy, if I could go back to that moment. The times I would hear that from him, he even started seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist. What came after this, is something I never thought in my wildest dreams I would live, and I would become. I was THAT girl, the girl I myself 5 years ago would have never understood. There are over 50 incidences that I can remember. I stopped seeing my family, my friends, I stopped going to church, I stopped working out. My life became… how I could fix myself for this person. Why I wasn’t right. I was the straight A student cheerleader who always stood up for what was right even if I was the only one standing, and somehow I became someone that couldn’t even stand. I can write for hours, and maybe I will one day when my cases have been resolved so that I can truly help those still trying to get out. What I can say is that I have watched a man pull out a knife infront of my son and say “look what your mother is going to make me do” while he cut his arm. I have seen him grab a mobile and throw it inside a playpen while my 12 week old was inside. I have been choked while I nursed my son. I was kicked and dragged while pregnant in hopes I would miscarry. Before my son and even after, he would threaten to kill himself if I left, he’d hang over the balcony, bang his head against things, take out knives. I began to call the police  when he would leave and ask them to get him help. I was repeatedly threatened that if I’d go to the police i would “regret it”, that he would “that no cheap attorney I could hire would be able to keep up with his”, “that his attorneys would make me look crazy”. My God, I could write for days. I finally went to the police  because he threatened “I don’t care what I have to do to you, I’m going to make sure “our son” never sees you again.”  They told me to file the injunction, i waited even after going in because i knew what he could do. I was finally convinced that the system would protect me. Boy was I wrong. My case was moved into the family division infront of Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens, she has an affiliation with David (my abusers family). David’s family is worth millions, he has 4 attorneys present at every hearing. When I thought this would end, the harassment had just begun and he was using the court system now to hurt me and our son. The judge has discredited DCF, somehow my DV advocate was fired for attempting to help me find an attorney, the judge has not let me testify, she denied recusals, has insulted me, has labeled a video as “the type of sex they have” without seeing it nor allowing me to testify, in my paternity side she didn’t even let me have mothers day. She lifted supervision and has given him every weekend early morning until late hours at a location 30 minutes from the minor child and my home and next to his house, didn’t once ask about my sons schedule. She hasn’t once worried about the “best interest of the child” which is what she uses to protect herself and has turned my DV case into the best interest of my abuser using my son as a pawn. I began to go public because if my case doesn’t end up right then at least I can encourage women to speak up about not only the violence you experience but how our legal system fails u repeatedly. The statistics for underreported DV is astonishing, one reason being due to the failure of protection by our legal system. The amount of DV victims that end up financially destroyed due to this is one of the scariest things I have read. I never got to finish my career, he had made me quit my job a couple of months before i finally left. I’m working myself back up slowly but surely.

Below you will find my Facebook link, one of the attacks, which wasn’t even close to being the worst was caught on the baby monitor. I decided to go public as a result of the injustice of our legal system. Unfortunately, everything he threatened he would do if I ever left and went to the police he is doing, due to economic standings. Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens has refused my testimony prior to making any decisions regarding my son, although you will see on Facebook through my supplemental affidavit that he was present or involved in many incidences. DCF even scheduled  a shelter hearing and he hired an ex dcf attorney to call CLS to cancel the hearing to keep it in front of this judge. Whom has even taken my gofundme page money away from me. I  continue to fight. If I had not lived it, I would never have imagined what is unfolding in our family courts.



Below is the NBC story on DV: Don’t be silenced


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