My abuser of 13 years of marriage did a domestic violence restraining order against me and took my children away

I married a guy from India he got his residency to green card to citzenship through me. He was very abusive trowards me everytime he drink he became  violent behavior trowards me. He was arrested on mother’s day for domestic violence 2017  on mother’s day in return he has done a domestic violence restraining order against me and took my children away from me with help attorney. I didn’t press charges against him I should of he used the letter from the DA  of OC California  drop charges against him in return he has done this to me. He had me served on September 6th 2017 divorce papers and DV restraining order. He took my children away from me with  help from Steven Kaufman  he is not for the victims of demstic violence he is for the perpetrator he is a attorney even though his website saids he helps victim of domstic violence and that shelter I was getting help with councling because  all shelters were full  i was looking to take my children i into a shelter . Also stay away from Annitte Goudy she with hold edvince  and threat if i didn’t agree with a temporary demstic violence restraining order  against me that I would have a perment one when the judge said that she didn’t see any edvince for a restraining order against me. But i still got one and the abusser has my kids thank you for the courts who never interview the children and we had child welfare in our lives and no-one contact child welfare to  see if his accusations where true. A person who was arrested should not be allowed  to get a domestic violence restraining order from family court against the victim to take children away from the victim. I called the perpetrator dream come true package deal filed a DVRO and divorce and take the custodian parent rights away from the victim so they don’t have to paid alimony and child support and the real victim attorney fees.

They took my nursing baby away from me and give her to the person who abused me emotional abused and physical abuse me infront of our children and I front of his family i had paper trail and facts to prove and witness he had nothing just attorney and a declaration full of accusations 


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