My story of struggle of drunk ex

Hello my name is Andrea. 2 nites ago I broke up wit my now ex. He has a drinking problem n he needs to b on meds n won’t get help. My son n I were in the living room ( once agion I have made the living room in 2 my room 2 b away from my ex) I had passed out from beening tired n it so hot here. I get woken up by my ex yelling about some bullcrap,yes I was very grumpy. From that moment it turned all bad. He called my son a punk n belittled him in front of me then when I stepped in front of my son ( my son is 13) my ex pushed me n I flew back in between the couch n the end table. The end table is star shaped so I got a poky side stuck in my right side rite about my behind. Omg hurt so bad. Wat hurt even worse is my son beening called a punk 4 no reason except my ex is just plain out jelouse of the time my son n I spend 2 gether ( he is not my son’s father.thsnk good) n my son seeing me beening pushed n hurt!! So after I got up n my ex went back to his room now, he started scream my name from the bedroom. I was staying put in the living room. Went to anger manament class n ilearned to stay way from that crap. My son turns to me n tells me mom no more please no more. AftrA hearing that I told my now ex its over!! It was a very big fight after that. My ex finally passed out from his actions @ 5 am. Next day all’s my ex could do was tell me sorry n we can work this out. I told him no n y because my son said no more mom please no more n the bruses I have on my body!! My ex is very scaired of me now!! Yes we still all r in the same house hold but not 4 much longer. I’m buying a house .it was going to be 4 all of us but now it’s just my son n I!! I have had 2 other relationships that were hands on. I do not touch no body unless they touch me 1st!! But really in all honesty I just walk away from wat is making me so pissed off

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