My Story that I will NEVER forget

This month is very hard for me .Breathe.The week before Father’s Day I will never forget that I felt like I was in prison inside and out just to have my son’s father be a father  and we can be a family but it was sure than hell….. I didn’t want my kids to not have their fathers in their life . But at this point if you don’t want to be a father and all you do is verbally abuse me and kept me from not going out  even his mom worked for the state of New Jersey and instead of helping me find work in a new place she made me feel worthless. I was cleaning,cooking,taking care of the kids and he wasn’t doing anything but filling up his belly. I posted pics on Facebook like I was happy but I wasn’t I hated N.J. I hated my son’s father but I was making it work . Til I was trying to sleep from taking care of my  3month old son . And he was so loud and I told him to be quiet and then while me and my son was sleep he attacked me to where my son fell on the floor then he through me over the bed. I remember seeing my daughter a face in tears and then he left. 5hrs later he came back and fought with me again while the kids where sleep and he punched me and slapped me then he choked me til I felt my body was numb and I prayed to God with this last breathe he is gonna kill me ..He isn’t gonna kill me tonight..I fought him back like a dude and punched him and took a thick book not him so hard he had a lump in the back of his head. Then the New Jersey Police came and they took us apart from eachother and I told them my side and told them Don’t lock him up cus him mom lived across the street my body was so tired and numb I wanted to take my kids home to Seattle and the next day I did .Weeks later, I found out I was pregnant and I prayed and felt to terminate the pregnancy was the best thing to do.I felt having the baby would be disrespectful to my son since he was experiencing health issues and I was homeless. 5yrs now I feel like my like is getting back for the good and me trusting in God and focusing on myself and my kids made me stronger than ever!.Im crying tell you all this story… But I hope this helps someone with the same situation to never allow someone treat you like property,like garbage and to fight back! Love isn’t suppose to make you worthless but priceless.

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