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To whom it may concern:
I Vanessa Marie Munoz am in need of help. I don’t know where else to turn to in regards to my matter. I am a mother of 4 children 2 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. I also am now engaged and am blessed to have 3 more boys added to my 4 children I already have.
Well here is my story and here is what I need help with. I am 30 years old I was young and dumb and married at the age of 19 to a man I wish I never met. This man was very abusive not only to me but to our children as well. I had found myself and my children in a domestic violence situation, that was very hard and life threatening to get away from . He was Very abusive on every level he was mentally abusive, verbally abusive ,physically abusive and emotionally abusive. He kept us away from my family, We will hardly visit my family and all my phone calls were monitored and on speaker especially when it was my family on the phone. He never left me alone, he showered with me everyday No matter where we were at or whose house where visiting. His family knew of the abuse they witnessed and heard it all the time since we where always with them. He had our children and myself very scared we all feared for our lives. My son my oldest son went to school and had bruises on him from My ex husband the abuser he had us all so frightened, That we always found an excuse To lie about how we obtained our Bruises. In 2016 , March 2016 My children were removed from my care by CPS. My ex husband and I had To do many classes and complete them to get my children back. Even after my children were taken away I was abused almost everyday. I was abused because I told him I was gonna speak the truth because I need my children. We had classes together and counseling as well so it was hard to even speak the truth of the abuse and our reality. I feared if I told the truth I will never see my children again. Domestic violence is no joke it is a lonely
Battle because Fear takes the best of us. Then on June 16, 2016 my ex husband was arrested. Out of fear from the attorney saying he can be released that his father hired I kept in contact with him. I also still kept quiet. I Then was told he was not going to come out it will be very hard for him to come out and that is when I told the truth. I even gave the social workers recordings of the abuse that I didn’t even know I had on my phone Because I know my daughter’s recorded after the fact that they were already gone I’ve found these recordings. In all the court papers my children speak of the abuse that we all endured by their father my ex husband. All they said about mommy was they wanted to come home alongest their dad was not around because mom never did anything to hurt them. And I never will I know that when our abuser will hit them I would jump in and I will get left unconscious I would wake up with dry blood and spit on me. I never sat there and let him hit my children I always took action and got him off and he will start hitting me, and It didn’t matter as long as he left my children alone. We all feared him so much. It will be 2 years in June Since I seen or held my children. June 2016 My visitation were suspend with lies by CPS. August 29, 2017 my rights were terminated. My life is not the same nor is it complete nor will it ever be and till my children are back with me. I don’t understand CPS looks at me like I am the bad person But I was victimized as well I was a victim in this with my children. CPS States I failed to protect my children and I neglected them. I protected my children with my own life and I never neglected my children the only mistake I made was not reaching out for help and not speaking of the truth of our abuse. I ask for your help and getting my baby’s back. I ask for your help to make more laws in regards to domestic violence and for CPS to understand domestic violence on the outcome of it. Not many people are lucky to be alive like my children and I from suffering from domestic violence the way we did. I know that my children are in counciling in need a lot of help. I myself completed many counseling. Ever since this entire ordeal I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, insomia, anxiety and depression. I Also know this may be the same for my children. Please CPS is to help the children but they are just just destroying families. Many of my family members went through the entire court process came forward to get my babies our the system in place in their home and they were all denied none had any record but there were denied because according to CPS they stated my family Should have known of the abuse or even been aware of it. How is any of that possible if there was a lack of communication between my family and I because it wasn’t really allowed by our abuser. In family court you really have no voice your lawyer is your voice. In family Court you cant ven speak to the judge Because he or she goes off of everything that CPS submitted. CPS need a lot of work done to even make it work they are destroying families and they are not even in it for the children they are in it for the money. I know there is a new law President Trump passed Called the BUCHANAN LAW This law is amazing and actually helps out family who are separated by CPS. I ask for your help in reunification with my children and getting my rights reinstated. I still talk to a social worker who sends me pictures of my babies who I admire and appreciate her for. I have all my court papers from day 1. I have all emails from day 1 from previous social worker. In those emails it states how my children miss me, and there is picture exchanges. Please I know there is help. Please I need help and will do anything. There needs to be more laws in regards to CPS and domestic violence. Domestic violence is hard to escape can be deadly and for those who made it out safely have many years of psychological damage even physical damage. Please help us, my children and I. Also the families who are going through the same ordeal and scared to speak because of the outcome. You will be a voice for many people. Also many lives saved. Please help me 

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You and your children are in my prayer. Hang in there…..keep calling lawyers…keep calling CPS…and the most important of all….Keep asking God, he is listening.

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