Name Calling

Today was an ok day. Then on the way home, he lost his rag at something minor and threw my new CD out of the car window. Got home, sat straight down and I said ‘oh I’ll just sort everything shall I, feed the pets, put the shopping away etc. And he replied ‘you could do with running around with the size of your ass and thighs, they’re huge, they’re out of control. He always says he loves my curves usually. I’m a size 10 and happy with how I look. As I was going upstairs I heard him say to our son ‘good thunder thighs has gone’. I don’t usually let his insults bother me.(i’ve literally been called all the names under the sun). But I feel really hurt. I had an eating disorder when we met and was (Detail removed by moderator) stone but he didn’t like that either.

He’s been calling me a s**t mum for babying our (Detail removed by moderator)year old by sitting with at bedtime or calling him baby. I’ve not been out on my own in the evening since our son was born (Detail removed by moderator) years ago, purely because I don’t trust his temper. He goes put plenty though and says its only cos i have no friends that i don’t go out and it’s my choice but i would love a night off to relax.

I’ve told him to leave many times but he just laughs and says ‘make me’. I literally remember every insult from the last (Detail removed by moderator) years and find it difficult to even like him. I’m so much more relaxed and happy when he’s out for the night. I’m drained but on goes the ‘happy face’.

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