Need to vent and see if anyone has any suggestions

After a number of years with my ex-being in a coercive and controlling relationship I left.
During our break up we had to live together. He upped his abuse and kept me awake every night, followed me, tracked my phone, smashed up my room, stole my underwear, threw abuse constantly, broke into my email account, recorded me whilst I was in my room. I finally broke after he convinced me I was going crazy and then said he’d take my kids and never see them again. I threw the contents of a cup of tea at him. Two days later he got me arrested. I admitted to the tea throwing and received a caution. Since then he has made accusations continuously- suggesting he was a victim of violence, taking drugs and mentally unstable. He refused to let my children have counselling, stopped me having family therapy and blocked my kids from going on trips and after-school activities. Then he pretended to be my child and made an allegation of abuse against the head teacher. I decided to take him to the court regarding the children.

He threatened he’d find some dirt if I didn’t agree to50/50- I refused. So two days later he made a complaint to my employer due to my caution years ago and I’ve been suspended, awaiting an investigation. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Anyone who tries to help me he threatens legal action. He contacted my gp and tried to discuss my medical history and then threatened legal action because they broke his confidentiality by informing me!
I’m at a loss…this is becoming unbearable.

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As hard as it may seem to do you need to find your nearest or ecen farthest battered womens shelter and go there. It does seem so so scary to do something like that, I know from experiance. My daughter and I lived in 3 different shelters over a years time because I feared for our lives in everyway possible. My ex is similar to yours and stopped at nothing to prove it was me that was crazy and abusive. These are dangerous men. They stop at nothing to hide their abusive behavior. Please please leave. Take only important items and leave. Shelters are not what women think they are. There are some really nice huge homes that they house us in. Call the national domestic violence hotline and they can help you find the right place. The shelters help with EVERYTHING. Please for your safety and the childrens safety leave. It’s so so scary I know, but you deserve to have a life that’s not filled with terror and abuse. Your worth it !!! Sometimes the scariest option is the best option. Staying in shelter will protect you amd your children in all the ways you need right now.

I hope this helps even just a little

Much love 💖💖💖

Answered on June 1, 2018.
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I agree contact a shelter. In less than a year my kids and I were in 3. He knew where we were the first 2 times. He didn’t like it. The last time he didn’t know where we went. We stayed at the shelter for 8 weeks. On Friday my kids and I got our apartment. Our first place in 22 months. The first time we have had our own place since my daughter was born. The shelter helped us.

Answered on June 6, 2018.
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I’m currently dealing with a similar situation. My divorce is finally final but he is doing everything he can to make the courts and everyone he knows believe he was the victim of abuse. I ended I using my Facebook page to post several videos of his behavior and letting any stalkers checking in on my Facebook for him know that he needs mental help!

Answered on June 7, 2018.
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