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My story begins  when not sure of. When I was little I got yelled at and slapped in the mouth when I did something wrong.  Then I was left like deserved it.  In my early 20 S got married the first time. 

He was the physical abusive. Hit me.  Yelled at me got that from my parents. He even raped me when he and only him wanted sex.  Went out to bars.  Left me alone. Like I wasn’t even there.  That lasted for 3.5 years.  Four years later lived with now my husband.  Didn’t know that spitting was part of the abuse list. He is very clever in manipulate me in doing things for him. If not he threws a fit like a 2 year old.  Last Sept it went from spitting in my face to hitting me. And pushing me.  I put an order of protection against him for 3 weeks.   Was gone for 2 of them. 

All I heard from him was the following :

Gave me no place to stay

No place to stay

You could of given me the house key.  I could of stayed in the house.  But no you were mean to me and down right hateful to me you bitch

When he gets awful mad it’sit’syou butch 


I hate you

Get away from me  you whore

Calls me stupid you don’t know anything.  Shut up you don’t know what your talking about. 

You don’t think you just do.  

He says this one slot. 

Then  I found out he’s had an affair over the internet for 2 yrs. 

He said he never talked dirty to Carol Ingram from England. Don’t believe it. 

So they were to break up  in November of last year. 

Then a few days ago found out his cheating on you again.  Saying to this one chick. 

I want to eat your pussy. I love you and want to with you. 

He loves to manipulate me in making me feel it’s always my fault.  Like now. 

You’re paranoid 

You’re insecure 

You don’t know what your talking about. 

Stop snopping around where you don’t need to be. 

Yes I friends I talk to but it’s not of your business who they are. 

He can’t perform. So sex the real  thing is out of the picture. 

When he wants to play with my puss. And I don’t feel like it. 

He pulls my legs apart any way and says stop being so clamly

He pushed me last year  I had a huge bruise on my hip for 3 weeks.  

Then 2 weeks he went blasting on me when he found out I stayed with my brother last year. 

He hit me 3 times in the face. Once with a dirty mop. Called me 

A cunt



Leave the fuck away from me. 

Later on texted me saying when I got home hell be gone. 

As in dead.  Tried to o. D.  On his insulin  because I didn’t come home when he demanded me to come home. 

Been married to him for 25 years. His best friend told me to leave before he kills me. 

I’m total petrified of him and his temper. 



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