It’s been 16 years since I had to move several states away to get away.

Just wanted to share my story, it’s been 16 years since I had to move several states away to get away, and now it’s time. I missed so many red flags, he was pure evil. The first time he hit me, he choked me until I passed out, when I came to, I got a few things and was leaving, he hit me so hard he knocked me off my feet, and started kicking and stomping me telling me I was never leaving. He choked me until I passed out again and when I woke up he had handcuffed me to the bed and told me the only way I was leaving was in a body bag, he kept me handcuffed to the bed or him (when I earned the right to go to the bathroom) for almost 4 days. I was not allowed to eat, because he said I was fat and disgusting and needed to loose weight. I had to earn the right to get a glass of water, that was sometimes thrown in my face and was told I should have had my mouth open, because that was all I was getting. He beat and raped me , put a knife to my throat and threatened to carve his name in my chest so I wouldn’t forget who I belonged to, constantly telling me how and what I was going to do, and I better thank him for letting me be with him. He told me he owned me, I was fat, worthless, unwanted and unloved and better appreciate that he allowed me to be there.  Over the nearly 6 years, I left twice and both times went back, the first time he dragged me out by my hair, the second time he threatened to kill two of my family members. He shot at me with a handgun, that grazed my ear and told me that was my only warning, I had sneaked out of the house trying to leave and he woke up, he has chased me while shooting a nail gun, snatched me out of the shower and beat me with an extension cord because I cracked the door open to tell his friend he wasn’t home, I wasn’t allowed to open the door, go outside or have money without his permission. All of this was before the laws we have now, which still need improving. But you can get out, it’s hard, but it is worth it

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