They are finally home

After 8 years and filing for divorce 3 times, I finally drew the line on my ex husband’s abuse when he raped me following 6 hours of him beating me with our kids in the next room. After he fell asleep I snuck out of bed and went to the convenience store down the block and called my sister. She came and got me and the kids. We dropped the kids off to my younger sister and she took me to the police station. I filed domestic violence charges and asked for an officer to escort me to get clothes for myself and the kids. He was arrested during the escort when he flipped out on the cops. Their process was to turn my report over to an investigator but he had outstanding warrants and was arrested on them. He was convicted after I requested the prosecutor pull his jail conversation and he admitted to everything on it. About a year later, I started dating a guy I knew from 8 years old. Shortly after we started dating, he got hooked on heroin. He came home one night and hung himself. My kids had stayed with my sister that night because I had worked late and they had school the next day. I heard him banging around in the kitchen and got up to see what he was doing. He was swinging from the kitchen door frame. I got him down, gave him mouth to mouth and called 911. They took him to the hospital and placed him on suicide watch. I got home around 7 am. Called my sister and asked her to keep them while I got myself together, that I didn’t want them to see me nerved out. She agreed with no issues and we hung up. I started packing my and my kids belongings planning to move to my best friend’s house in another state. But children’s services had been my sisters next call. They knocked on my door about 930. I called my attorney and he told me to just comply with them. So I did. Biggest mistake of my life. They took my kids that day. The thing is, my ex husband told me this would happen if I left him. The name of the guy and everything. He told me if I remembered I would just think I was crazy and if I said anything to anyone, they would think the same. Every single threat that man made has come true with the exception of I am still alive to share this story with you. After almost 2 years of me jumping thru cps’s hoops I had completed the list of requirements for my kids to return home. Then it came to light that my sister had beat my middle one with a belt until her butt turned purple. She had threatened if she told anyone, cps would put her and her sisters in foster care. Apparently that threat was her go to used to keep my kids in line and silent. When I found out that, my mission switched from getting them back to getting them out of my sisters hands. My ex had never physically abused our children and in fact preferred they run wild and free. So I agreed to joint custody with him the residential parent for school designation purposes. They moved to Florida with him and his new wife. That has been 4 years ago. Until this current visit, he had allowed me to visit with them one time, 2 years ago. Our paperwork doesn’t include the phrase “law enforcement shall assist” so there was nothing I could do to make him let me have my allotted time with them. Plus my youngest daughter isn’t his but was put on her birth certificate because we were still married and the paperwork is the same for her. So he would threaten to take her from me if I caused him any trouble. He let them come spend the summer with my mom who lives about 20 minutes from me. After showing my paperwork to the law and following the advice of my present boyfriend (he’s an amazing person and a social worker!) I took my kids from my mom and have no intention of them going anywhere until I am arrested for it or a new order is issued instructing law enforcement to enforce the order. Their dad called cps on me again. All the allegations he made were proven false and the social worker witnessed first hand how he verbally abuses women, including me, my mother, his mother, our daughters, and herself – the supervisor of CPS. He won’t allow our daughters to have their clothing or any of the things they brought with them. I have bought them what I can but that has been limited and it doesn’t replace what they brought with them by any stretch of the imagination. Is there anyone out there willing to help us? These girls are raising themselves, sexually active at 11 and 12, fighting and getting in trouble in school, getting in trouble with the police, and just doing whatever they want because he finds it appropriate to leave them alone from 5 am til 1130 pm. Sharing this story is a step of desperation. Thank you for reading. 

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