Where is our support and safety against our abusers?

I married an abusive man who I thought was the love of my life. He turned out to be my worst nightmare. Not only did he lie about everything from day one. Within 6 months of knowing eachother I was pregnant. Everything moved so very quickly with him. He is a raging alcoholic and abused me in every way possible. He ended up being arrrsted once during our marriage for attacking me and beating so badly he broke my finger and I have permanent damage to my finger. He has choked me and my oldest son in a rage and to try and destroy me after our divorce he didn’t want to pay child support on our son so he called Cps and made false allegations to them and had our son kidnapped by Cps from me. Now I barely see our 9 year old son he’s being abused by his father and the courts nor the police have been any help to me or my children. Our life’s have been destroyed. My son is a kind hearted boy and he hates that his father is a violent bully. He’s terrified of him!!! I grief the loss of my living son that’s been kidnapped by a monster! He’s told our son that I gave him away in court and all kinds of horrific things that are not true and incredibly damaging to a child. Why isn’t there more help for woman and children who do desperately need support and help not to mention protection. We are all devastated. 

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